Tired of feeling hijacked by your emotions? Unsure of how to get off the roller coaster that is your daily feelings and inner experience? Change begins with taking one step towards the you that knows healing is possible.

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The road to recovery can sometimes feel lonely and overwhelming. You don't have to go it alone. Ready to give yourself permission to create real, lasting change in your life? ​Schedule an appointment or consultation today. 

Veronica Tunis, MA, LPC, NCC


Rooted in Recovery Counseling LLC is a private practice in Lakewood, Colorado providing counseling services to individuals, couples, and families seeking support to make healthier choices and bring balance back into their life around behaviors such as addiction, substance abuse, and eating disorders as well as seeking relief from symptoms related to anxiety and depression.  

Whether this is your first time or the one-hundreth time, finding yourself at a cross roads looking to make some big or small changes in your life , you have come to the right place. Deciding to do something different  about your mental and physical health is brave and takes courage. I am here to encourage you and help you discover the tools you need you along the way to make some lasting changes.  Not sure if you ready, call me at 303-800-3259 and I can help you find what the next best step for you might be. 

Have you lost touch with your needs, wants and goals in life? Do your relationships feel out of balance? 

When we feel disconnected with ourselves and others, filling that emptiness with other things (drugs, alcohol, food, unhealthy habits, and/or relationships) can feel like a temporary answer. These temporary fixes often take us farther off the path and life direction we want. They've created barriers to reaching your goals. Counseling or coaching could be a great tool in helping you learn better ways of connecting to yourself and the people in your life. 

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My counseling specialties are in addiction and recovery support as well as eating disorders. It is common for addiction to also be present with anxiety and/or depression and I address these areas in therapy as well. 

My office is located a few miles north of the Belmar shopping center at 950 Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 202, and conveniently accessible by RTD bus and lightrail. Whether you are coming from Denver, Littleton, Wheat Ridge or even the Golden, CO area my office is easily within reach.      

If you are looking for support around building a life that is meaningful and fulfilling and free from addictive and destructive behaviors, I would love to chat with you about what you need to begin making some changes and what you are looking for in a therapist. 

Therapy is an opportunity to re-establish balance in your life and reconnect with yourself and others in new and meaningful ways.

Together we can discover what has been holding you back, make room for new perspectives and possibilities, and start you on the journey towards making the transformations you most desire.

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Ready to end the daily battle with calories? Yearning to make peace with food, weight, and your body image? Take a step towards building a healthy relationship with food and your body today, call me, 303-800-3259.